Thinking of Selling Your Home? The Perfect Week to List Might Be Here!

Are you considering a move? If so, there’s good news! According to experts, the ideal week to list your house is here!.

A recent study by analyzed housing market trends over the past few years (excluding the anomaly of 2020). They identified the week of April 14th-20th as the prime time to sell this year.

Why is this week so special? explains that it offers the perfect trifecta for sellers: high buyer demand, lower competition from other sellers, and fewer price reductions compared to a typical week.

This might be the nudge you need, especially if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to put your house on the market. As Hannah Jones, a senior analyst at, points out: “The third week of April brings together the best combination of factors for sellers.”

Here’s how to capitalize on this opportunity:

  • Act fast! The window narrows quickly, so contact one of our real estate agents to discuss prepping your house and getting it listed.
  • Leverage your agent’s expertise. They’ll help you determine the best approach to get your house market-ready within your timeframe. They can also guide you on prioritizing tasks and tackling the most impactful improvements first.
  • Focus on quick fixes. Major renovations won’t be feasible, but your agent can advise on essential repairs and minor upgrades that can significantly enhance buyer appeal.

Remember, even if this specific week doesn’t work for you, there’s still time! Spring is generally a booming season for homebuyers, and it’s still a seller’s market, giving you an advantage throughout the season.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss your next steps and turn your move into a reality!


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