Revamp Your Curb Appeal: 10 Exterior Color Trends to Watch in 2024

Ditch the beige and step into a world of vibrant hues! In 2024, the exterior of your home isn’t just a facade – it’s a canvas for your unique style. From nature-inspired greens to bold, modern blacks, get ready to be wowed by the hottest trends that will transform your curb appeal and make your neighbors green with envy (in a good way). So, buckle up and explore 10 eye-catching exterior color trends that will define the year of design innovation.

1. Warm Neutrals:

Ditch the monotony of gray and welcome the warm neutrals that echo the earth’s natural tones. Beige is making a comeback, complementing copper piping and brightening up neutral grays. Embrace the cozy vibes and let your home harmonize with its surroundings.

2. Bright White:

White trim may seem bold, but it’s the secret weapon to make any color pop. The clean, defined lines create a timeless aesthetic and serve a functional purpose. Lighten up your exteriors and let the white trim be the star that ties everything together with finesse.

3. Make Your Front Door Pop:

Your front door is the gateway to your home’s personality. Splash a bold color on it to stand out and greet your guests with style. Asher specializes in helping you choose the perfect hue to complement your exterior, making sure your entrance leaves a lasting impression.

4. Dark and Stormy Colors:

2024 is embracing a darker, more industrial look. Black windows and trim create a bold and dramatic contrast, allowing lighter exterior colors to shine. Add depth and sophistication by opting for a dark base with lighter accents, turning your home into a modern masterpiece.

5. Stay Classy with Black and White:

Contrast is the name of the game, and nothing does it better than the timeless combination of black and white. Whether you go two-toned or opt for contrasting accents, this sophisticated design choice ensures your home remains a stylish standout in the years to come.


6. Can’t Make Up Your Mind? Go Two-Tone:

Why settle for one color when you can have two? Embrace the two-toned trend, bringing depth and layers to your design. Stand out with accent walls and separate split-level homes effortlessly, making a statement that goes beyond the ordinary.

7. Blues on Blues:

From gray-blue to deep navy, blue exteriors are making waves in 2024. Dark blue, in particular, offers a timeless and elegant appeal that complements various accents and creates a uniquely nautical look. Dive into the blues to give your home a refreshing and stylish makeover.

8. Go the Rustic Route with Autumn Red:

Rustic farmhouse colors are taking center stage, with deep reds and stark whites leading the way. Whether you prefer a lighter exterior with burgundy accents or a bold dark red with white touches, embrace the farmhouse charm that’s both rustic and modern.

9. Embrace Green Concepts:

Connect with nature using earthy green tones. Whether as a primary color or an accent, green reflects the beauty of the outdoors and blends seamlessly with the natural landscape. Less distracting and more relaxing, it’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate the serenity of earthy tones.

10. Be Bold, Be Modern:

Modernize your exterior with neutral colors and high-contrast accents. Pairing bold elements like a copper roof with neutral tones creates a unique, sophisticated look. Embrace simplicity and functionality, setting your home apart with a modern design that’s both chic and natural.

Whether you crave bold drama or earthy serenity, these 2024 trends offer a palette to express your unique style. Don’t just paint your house – paint a picture that reflects your personality. Now get inspired, and let your home’s vibrant hues turn heads and spark conversations!

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