Mathews Chantre
Mathews Chantre
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Mathews Chantre is a dedicated real estate professional committed to providing exceptional service and guidance to his clients. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for helping others achieve their dreams, Mathews brings a refreshing energy to the real estate industry. Mathews has always called Connecticut home. He attended the Metropolitan Business Academy in New Haven, where he cultivated his academic skills and developed a strong work ethic. Outside of his professional pursuits, Mathews finds relaxation and rejuvenation in hitting the gym. Whether it's pumping iron or engaging in a high-intensity workout, he values the mental and physical benefits of staying active. In his leisure time, Mathews enjoys gaming and exploring the great outdoors. From hiking trails to camping adventures, he finds solace in nature and the thrill of new experiences. With a palate for the finer things, Mathews savors his favorite food: pizza. And when it comes to unwinding after a long day, he indulges in the sophisticated flavors of an espresso martini, often found at his favorite haunt, Uncommon Grill in Watertown. Known for his honesty, kindness, and easygoing nature, Mathews approaches each client's interaction with integrity and empathy. His ability to listen attentively and communicate effectively ensures that his clients feel supported and empowered throughout their real estate journey. In his personal life, Mathews is a loving pet parent to Cane, a spirited chihuahua mix; Jupiter, a playful pitbull mix; and Sophie, a sleek black cat. Their presence adds joy and warmth to Mathews' life, reflecting his nurturing and compassionate character. Driven by a desire to help others achieve their homeownership goals, Mathews Chantre is a trusted ally in the real estate arena, dedicated to making dreams a reality, one home at a time.