Amber Bova
Amber Bova
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It all started when Amber was a child. As a kid, she didn't grow up in a house, but she vividly remembers driving around the neighborhood with her mom and sister. They would talk about one day having a home of their own. This is why, to Amber, a house isn't just a structure, it's a home. It's the American Dream. 

Then, when she and her husband decided they were ready to see if they received a preapproval for their very own first home they both were so excited, but scared at the same time. Looking back, she recalls how proud they were to finally invest in their family and their future by buying their first real estate property. She joined the real estate industry to be there for others who may be thinking of owning real estate of their own and making those dreams a reality. Amber wants to be able to join in on their excitement in making a decision to invest in one of the biggest investments of their lives. 

Amber has lived in Connecticut her entire life, she loves the state and knows it like the back of her hand, making her the perfect guide for your Connecticut home tours. Amber lives by her hardworking mindset and mentality which is, thinking outside the box in every situation and doing her best today to set up for a better tomorrow. 

Checklists and goals are always a must in Amber’s book. This is her way of staying organized to provide the best service possible for her clients, giving them endless possibilities for their future. She even has experience working in home improvement sales which has given her a great knowledge of home value, professional persistence, and building client relationships. This is definitely the type of agent anybody would be lucky to have on their home journey, she is passionate, caring, and stays true to her word.