Alayna Donofrio
Alayna Donofrio
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Alayna Donofrio is a dedicated real estate agent who brings a wealth of transferable skills and a passion for helping others find their dream homes. With a background as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Personal Care Assistant (PCA), Alayna has honed her communication and people skills, ensuring she can connect with clients on a personal level. Her experience as a paralegal for four years has equipped her with exceptional organizational abilities and a strong understanding of the legal system, making her a reliable and trustworthy professional during the home buying or selling process.
Alayna's personable and friendly nature, combined with her understanding and attentive approach, allows her to establish strong connections with her clients. She genuinely cares about their needs and desires, ensuring she can guide them effectively throughout the real estate journey. Alayna's passion for the unique history and charm of older homes in Connecticut motivates her to find the perfect match for her clients' preferences.
Living in Connecticut herself, Alayna appreciates the diverse geography of the state, where one can enjoy both mountain hikes and beach visits within a short distance. Her positive mindset and belief in continuous learning enable her to grow both personally and professionally, always striving to improve and provide exceptional service.