Alan Spotlow
Alan Spotlow
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With over a decade of experience in his family’s construction company, Alan knows homes from the bottom up. This, combined with experience in utility management, sales, and customer service, provide Alan with a depth of knowledge and skill set that sets him apart as a real estate agent. 

Alan’s easygoing nature allows him to adapt easily to new situations and connect with everyone he meets. After the initial meeting, when Alan learns the needs of his clients, he dedicates his time to finding the best solutions possible. His efficiency and organization help him stay one step ahead throughout the process, and his effective communication keeps his clients informed. 

Quick to embrace change, Alan aims to build upon past experiences to better himself personally and professionally. His strong work ethic and desire to improve are showcased in all areas of his life.

Alan is a lifelong resident of the Connecticut shoreline, and has thorough knowledge of area markets. He loves to explore the state in all seasons, staying active by skiing, hiking, and sailing.